Live Phone Tracking 

Mobile phone tracking is an incredible service that actually is quite simple technically. It was launched in the UK a few years ago and once it was approved by the government, the service of tracking mobile phones was placed into the hands of a number of companies known as mobile phone tracking service providers. Some of these companies have long since disappeared and a few others are still operational however the quality of their services vary greatly depending upon if you are wanting to track your child or family members, or if you are wanting to track the movements of your mobile workforce. It is important that in either case, you get the opportunity to have a 30 day free trial to test the technology.

  • UK mobile phone tracking.  Valid for ALL personal, family and business mobile phones. Click this link.

  • USA Phone Ownership Search 100% confidential service. Includes location on Google Maps (where available). Free basic search BELOW.

Effective, Quick and Confidential!

  • Live, real time search

  • web 2.0 secure application

  • May include results on Google Earth street mapping

  • 100% Confidential. Phone number owner DOES NOT know

If you are wanting to track your child in the UK it is a very simple process to sign up and use the system, however a quick search in Google may not provide you with the best solution - or even a free service. Assuming you have found a company able to provide you with a thirty day free trial, you will sign up and register your information. Importantly you will need to approve the mobile phone that you want tracked. This is done through replying to a text message sent to the soon to be tracked phone. In the reviews and trials that i have done, this whole process take only a few minutes.

For mobile phone tracking your business phones the process of approving each phone can take a bit longer as you have more phones to set up, however the same process of replying to a SMS message is all it takes. In law it is okay to track your own mobile phones if they are your own company phones, but you cannot track the users of those phones outside agreed working hours.

The best free mobile phone tracking services give you access to a number of features including street level mapping and setting of geo fences. It is worth bearing in mind that mobile phone location systems are not as accurate as gps tracking systems due to the triangulation method that gives an approximate area the mobile phone is in. However in most towns and urban areas, these zones can be as small as 200 or 300 meters. More than enough to know that your child or your workers are where they should be! Still, a good free service will allow you to test it out for 30 days in your area.

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